Web Designers: How to find the right one?

Setting up a web page is a big decision-

Hiring a web designer can be one of the most important decisions a business can make. As the first thing many customers see, the web pages have to be both functional and look great. Your website is the modern day shop front. Few people will go into a store that either looks terrible or does not even work. There are a few things you should do before hiring a web designer, as hiring the wrong one will cost you time and more importantly might end up costing you customers.

Things You Have to Do-

You have to do some research. Just using a search engine and picking the one with a name you like or the first company on the list is a sure fire way to end up in trouble. You need to ask around. As a business, you will have contacts who have either used a web designer themselves, or they know someone who has. More importantly, they might know web designers who you definitely should not use. There should also be plenty of reviews online, but you will have to be careful to find one with several reviews, so you do not get stuck with one that only had a handful of people use them. Any web designer will have examples of pages they have designed. If you do not like the look of the designer’s page itself, then move on to another.

A web designer should work with you. You should never just hand off the design to a company. They do not know the company like you do. Make sure they are working with you every step of the way. You might only want a home page, or you might want lots of pages with lots of links. You need to work as a team.

Check Your Budget-

You will also have to have a plan in place for the budget. This should be decided well in advance, and you need to make sure everything you expect to be part of the price is actually included. There should never be any surprises when you get the bill. Have a discussion with the web designer (quick plug for Miami Web Design) to see if they will offer support once the process has been completed. Make sure you have a discussion with the designer about links and check for mistakes they may have made, both with details about your company as well as little mistakes that take away from the look and function of the site.

If they do not help with anything after they have designed the pages, make sure they know somebody that can help with that aspect. You will have to go through the verification process again to make sure they are a good fit, but if you have been happy with the web designer , this should be an easier thing to set up.

Web Design is a huge part of your business, and as much care and attention to should go into the process as with any other part of your company.