What to look for in an online notepad

If you have decided you need to find a good online notepad to allow you to get more organized, trying to choose the right one can be very confusing.


After all, with quite a few of them out there, and all offering different features, how do you know which is the best one for your needs.


Make sure any online notepad you consider has these features, and you should be able to use it to get incredibly well organized.


Simplicity — Make sure it is easy to use and easy to edit, add to and delete items.


This is because, while some online notepads have many features, they can be so complicated to use, you will soon give up and stop using them. An online notepad like the one from ClickUp, however, makes sure theirs is simple to use, yet still has all the features you could need and more.


The ability to view your information as you want to view it — Some online notepads only have one way to view them, and that is in list form.


If you are a person that works better from a board or from a box format, however, that will become irritating to you. Especially if you find it more difficult to get to the information in them.


Choose an online notepad that allows you to set it up so that it can be viewed the way you like, and you will find you always use the notepad as it is just so easy.


The ability to create lists, notes and agendas — ClickUp’s online notepad is the template you should use when you start to look at notepads. Especially as it has all the features you could possibly need.


Even if you decide not to use ClickUp, however, you should still be sure the one you do choose allows you to create lists, make notes and create agendas. All of these things should be easy to access, easy to organize and very easy to edit and to add to at will.


Free to use — Some of the best online notepads are also free to use up to a certain amount of stored information.


Make sure you start off with one of these, as this will give you time to test out all the online notepad’s features without actually wasting any money to do so.


ClickUp, for instance, allows single users up to 100MB of storage before they charge anything at all for their online notepad. Then, even when they do, the monthly charge is very cheap.


Rich editing and code saving — If you are somebody that uses Rich editing on all your documents, or writes code and needs somewhere to save it, some online notepads will not be useful for you.


Instead, be sure you look for an online notepad that allows you to do Rich editing and allows you to write HTML code and save it. That way you will not have to invest in more expensive programming apps.